LORIOT.io LoRaWAN Offering

Network as a Service (NaaS) Community network

Our Community Network (NaaS) consists of gateways deployed by developers, gateways deployed by LORIOT.io and gateways running as part of LORIOT.io Proof of Concept projects. Upon registration with our NaaS, you can have your own Virtual Private LoRaWAN Network running in matter of minutes.

To get started, purchase one of the supported LoRa gateways, we will provide the software for it for free.
Already have a LoRa gateway? No problem, simply load our LORIOT.io gateway package on your existing gateway.

Your LoRa nodes can be easily imported into the system "as they are", or we can generate new device indentities for you.

The collected node data is delivered from our network to your application through a number of JSON/BSON based Application APIs, including WebSocket, TLS Socket, MQTT and REST. We also support several 3rd party services and applications out of the box, such as PubNub, Xively, IBM Bluemix / IoT Foundation, and more.


Gateway owners (aka contributing members) are periodically reimbursed for contributing a gateway to our network, based on gateway uptime. Contributing member can run a number of devices completely free of charge.

For non-contributing members, we offer a per-device yearly subscription.

In simple terms

Connect your LoRaWAN end nodes. We do all the rest.

Software as a service (SaaS)

For larger deployments, LORIOT.io can provide a dedicated, single tenant, managed LoRaWAN infrastructure service, geographically close to the deployment location.

The service is based on a stable branch of our large scale deployed community network, and is periodically updated based on our experience with the public network.

The advantages over NaaS are advanced security options, custom configuration options, availability of SLAs and reduced service latency.


Pricing is dependent on the scale of the deployment.

In simple terms

Connect your gateways and applications. Our tools manage the device and gateway population, and feed data into your applications.

Software licensing for private network

For deployments where data privacy or locality is crucial, or where the entire network needs to be under local control, we offer a completely customizable LoRaWAN deployment on computing infrastructure of your choice, either virtual or physical.

All the data is stored on local servers, no communication goes outside of the deployed infrastructure.


Pricing is dependent on the scale of the deployment, and the presence of other LORIOT.io networks in the country of deployment.

In simple terms

Operate your own LoRaWAN network. We provide you our state-of-the art technology for private use.

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