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Hoopologic Trailers
Asset Tracking

Supply chain low-power tracking solution


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to focus on efficiency, using resources as wisely as possible to navigate an extremely unpredictable market. In uncertain times, the abilities to minimize costs and rapidly respond to market changes are essential for coping with demand fluctuations and promoting successful operations.

Especially in a highly volatile economy, successful businesses must operate in a lean and agile way simultaneously. Implementing a tracking solution assists in both modes of operation. Creating visibility and generating location-based data is the first step in creating valuable insights and predictive analytics. Once performance-based data is generated, the ability to predict failures in operational processes, and to react quickly to them, significantly improves.

Trailer visibility is crucial for optimizing asset utilization and unlocking financial opportunities. Tracking the trailers movements and monetizing those movements are key for successful and cost-effective operations.


The hoopoLogic Trailer Tracking Solution transforms fleets into smart manageable systems. With five minutes and a couple of screws, the ruggedized hoopoSense tracking device is attached to any trailer, chassis or container. It then provides nationwide location of the trailers based on movement behavior and reports events such as dispatch or arrival to and from locations. It can then alert fleet managers on lack of movements or exit from pre-defined areas (geo-fence alerts). The data is easily accessible via the web-based hoopoDashboard accessible both from desktop and mobile.

The advanced algorithms embedded within the hoopoSense trackers autonomously activate the device to record and report location according to different partners’ needs (i.e. reporting location only upon arrival or while on the move). And therefore, can offer years of battery life without any requirement to replace or recharge the tracker’s batteries.

The unique hoopoSense trackers offer nationwide location and usage tracking of trailers and containers using LoRaWAN® networks deployed in different regions and operated by the LORIOT Network Management Server. A simple ‘plug-and-play’ installation allows truckload logistics companies to experience innovative technologies for optimizing fleet utilization and operational efficiency.

Technology highlights:

  • Years of battery life
  • Various transmission modes ensure maximal power efficiency
  • Multiple positioning technologies that are autonomously interoperated
  • LoRaWAN® compatible


  1. The hoopoSense tracking devices are installed on the the assets (trailer, chassis, cointainer, etc)
  2. The sensors provide data about locations, paths and activity of the assets.
  3. The LoRaWAN® gateways deployed in different region in oder to provide wide coverage listen for and receive sensors' radio transmissions and forwards the encrypted data to the LORIOT network server.
  4. The received encrypted data is authenticated, and the network server routes the data via output API to hoopo application server.
  5. The users can access the data through the hoopoDashboard where they can also check reports on the assets usage and movement behaviour, configure alerts and verify the sensors status.

The return

hoopo's proprietary technology enables end-to-end tracking both outdoors and indoors while maintaining low ownership costs and extremely high-power efficiency. The unique abilities of hoopo's geolocation solution allow devices to transmit messages at long ranges while allowing batteries to last for years.

Main benefits of the solutions are:

  • Plug and play, 5 minutes installation
  • Optimize trailer utilization and identify idle assets
  • Complete visibility of trailer fleet on one map
  • Easily monitor customer trailer usage
  • Create data-based pricing models according to turns & dwell timesConfigurable alerts enable immediate corrective action
  • Reduce misplacement or loss of assets
  • Eliminate manual search and unnecessary workforce hours