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Making workplaces Smart

Workplace+ Solution Accelerator allows data collection to improve utilisation and productivity. Today, with a new tool anyone can calculate the ROI in advance.

ALSO Workplace+ Solution Accelerator is an out-of-the-box smart building solution designed by All Things Talk and ALSO to maximize efficiency in workplaces.

The off the shelf solution is an extremely easy to deploy, expandable, and cost-effective IoT kit which includes sensors and a LoRaWAN® gateway, that are pre-configured on a LoRaWAN® Network Server, and visualisation application.

  • ALSO Workplace+ - environments
  • ALSO Workplace+ - components

The Starter Kit contains:

  • 1 x LoRaWAN® Gateway
  • 5 x Desk devices
  • 1 x Eye device
  • 1 x Environmental device
  • 1 x Sound device

The Return

Introduced a few months ago, Workplace+ Solution Accelerator by ALSO is being put to good use by customers in many different sectors that are already benefiting from its results.

Improving desk and meeting room utilization, optimising the usage of electricity, heating ventilation and air conditioning, results in a significant reduction of costs and an increase in performance and productivity. Ensuring social distancing and sanitisation is also possible due to real-time tracking combined with remote access and control, with no human interaction needed.

A powerful solution that seamlessly integrates IoT sensors with ALSO’s secure and scalable IoT Platform to collect and visualize data, allowing customers to easily obtain genuine results that have a direct impact on their business.

On average, it allowed 40% reduction in energy costs, +30% increasing in office capacity, and +20% increasing in space utilization. Great statistics, right?

Based on these insights and on the data collected during this first production period, All Things Talk team delivered a new really useful tool - a ROI calculator - which is able to show what return on the investment the workplace managers can expect from using this solution in their real environments.

Knowing how long your investment will take to break even and quantifying your monthly savings can be crucial when planning an investment in an IoT solution. Why not give it a try?


Another valuable aspect of this product, and one that involves us, is that it integrates the LORIOT Network Server. This provides carrier grade secure connectivity and is a critical component that contributes to the scalability and reliability of the overall solution.

In fact, even if our Community Account (which allows you to connect one gateway and up to ten devices) would be sufficient for the starter kit, in this case we provide a professional solution that allows you to scale automatically as the number of LoRaWAN® gateways and devices increases. This makes the IoT kit fully scalable, reliable and suitable for any need.

The Workplace+ Solution Accelerator helps customers understand the value of newly sourced data, leading the way in expandable and cost-effective IoT, contrary to other bundled solutions.

If you are interested in knowing more, Join us for the ALSO Spotlight virtual events. They will include live webinars, panel discussions and expert talks where participants will get the chance to hop onto the cloud and discover business opportunities, from cloud-based as-a-Service solutions to IoT products and cybersecurity platforms.

Don’t miss the chance to join and participate!

Dario Maccarrone

Carles Gramage
IoT Solutions Architect & Business Development