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The Professional Public Servers and the Integration of Things.

The internet of things is a challenge for the integration of things.

Anyone who has stepped into the world of IoT, or even tentatively dipped their toes into building a fully functioning IoT solution will know, that unlike Lego, the pieces don’t always come with good instructions and fit together with a few simple (mouse) clicks.

A typical IoT solution requires expertise across a broad scope of information technology fields, embedded software, hardware design, radio, networking, data processing, front-end, back-end, the list goes on. It can be challenging to ensure a seamless end to end solution and typically impossible to fulfil all the requirements in-house.

The seamless integration of various hardware/software components and the expertise needed is evidently a challenge. It posses a clear barrier when looking at the speed of progress in IoT and the numerous scaling headaches. But if working with others in the ecosystem is key, how can we trust the performance, reliability and security of solutions provided by other parties?

As we all know, you are only as strong as your weakest link. If not up to par, it could be a costly goodbye to your critical PoC or production deployment with no chance to bank the potential return on investment, or at the very least, expensive reworks/migrating to a new service.

A typical IoT solution requires expertise across a broad scope of information technology fields and you are only strong as your weakest link.
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Anyone with these preemptive concerns or has experienced them first-hand, would then ideally seek out solutions that have a proven track record of success. A solution which shares the values that IoT components should demonstrate reliability, be easy to use, open for integration, and agile to slot together with similar like-minded services.

As a LoRaWAN® Network Server provider, our relevance depends on remedying these issues, and our mission is to address this from a network server perspective to ensure our customers have full confidence in our solution - not just to slot it into their services but to improve them. Quite simply, a network server needs to be a bullet-proof solution that delivers on all accounts.

We want clients to set the bar high, and our role is to provide an enterprise-grade service that’s accessible to companies with various use-case, financial and scale requirements. These companies can then leverage our LoRaWAN® network server expertise and professional services.

It’s these reasons, and the conversations we have every day with IoT solutions firms that led us to launch the regional Professional Public Servers.

The Professional Public Servers were born out of necessity.

Our core business is carrier-grade Private Network Servers, and our LoRaWAN® Network Server software enables the connectivity, management and operations of multiple national, regional, and organisation carrier-grade networks that our customers run at different levels of scale.

Our LoRaWAN® Network Server software is a widely adopted, proven solution, that delivers at scale with significant numbers of devices and gateways, but our roots began in 2015 when we provided the first of our now 13 Community Network Servers. The primary goal of these servers was to make our software accessible, easy to build integrations, and support with the scaling-up stages before a Private Network Server is required.

With these two services, customers have the option to test and build on a free service (best effort & device limits) and benefit from the advantages of running a Private Network Server, but what about progression across the middle ground?

A service was needed that accommodates for professionals that are building IoT solutions, hardware distributors who want to add connectivity as a service, system integrators, innovation centres, Universities and many more examples who require a guaranteed network solution for a critical PoC or production service.

The Professional Public Server were born to provide a guaranteed network solution for a critical PoC or production service.
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Host it, and they will come.

To fulfil this, it required an easily accessible LoRaWAN® Network Server that provided all the user features of our carrier-grade network server and is provided as a managed service. Including a 99.9% SLA, built-in redundancy and regional low latency access in Europe, North American, Asia and Oceania.

LORIOT Server Map
LORIOR Global LoRaWAN Public Server Infrastructure

And on top of that, simple pricing with no setup fee or minimum contract term that wasn’t a barrier to utilisation or a change of mind, and enabled progression from 100 to 1000+ devices (including free and unlimited gateways). Critically for the long term, a smooth migration from a Professional Public Server to a Private Network Server is also delivered.

With the Professional Public Servers, customers can immediately access and slot a proven LoRaWAN® network server into their end to end solution, with guarantees on high availability, and pre-built integrations with leading IoT platforms & standardised API’s. We created four connectivity packages that represent the stages of a solution, START, BUILD, GROW and SCALE, and the device capacity included ranges from 250-2500+ devices.

Professional Public Server Plans
Four connectivity packages

In combination, and to ensure customers have the required documentation to support integrating our server into their solution, we launched our Documentation Hub. Here you can find guides, API data formats, whitepapers and more to support building your LoRaWAN® network.

With the Professional Public Servers, anyone can immediately access and slot a proven LoRaWAN network server into end to end solutions, with guarantees on high availability, and pre-built integrations with leading IoT platforms and standardised API’s.
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If you require the least path of resistance to building a LoRaWAN® network with a professionally operated service and your critical PoC or production deployment depends on incorporating components with best-practices as standard, we welcome to you utilise the LORIOT Professional Public Server.

Alan Rae

Alan Rae
Head of Sales