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Welcome post

A brand new website.

Welcome to our new website and welcome to our corporate blog!

I hope you like them, it's been a long and complex journey involving the whole team and this first blogpost is the perfect opportunity to tell you how we built the new homepage and what you can expect from this blog from now on.

I am Dario Maccarrone, head of Marketing & Communications in LORIOT, I will guide you through the new website and tell you about the editorial project we are building and we want to carry on with the blog.

The first thing you will surely have noticed landing on the new homepage is a completely renewed graphic design, more in line with our corporate identity, colours and brand. I won't hide that the intention was to leave you breathless in front of a webpage that is completely different from any website you’ve visited so far and almost all the sites you will find online.

The esthetic, however, does not want to distract from the content and the goals of this website. Scrolling through the page you will begin a journey to discover the technology we work with, our product and our offer. We not only wanted to satisfy the curiosity and learning necessity of those who approach the Internet of Things and LPWAN technologies such as LoRaWAN® for the first time, but also provide accurate and comprehensive information to those who, experts of the sector, are looking for detailed information about our product, features and performance. Very different needs that, however, meet in a single website and are easily accessible through our top menu.

The menu also allows quick access to the contact form, because business is business, and a completely new section of our site. Use cases.

Our starting point, gained through our experience in the market, is that IoT sometimes can be a very abstract concept, as are generic terms such as SmartCity or Industry 4.0. We wanted to give these terms more concreteness by illustrating real use cases. Actual developed and operational IoT projects and solutions. Examples of how this technology is actually transforming the processes of many different sectors and industries and affecting our lives.

Today you can find the description of 3 projects in very different areas. We will expand this use cases directory over time, month after month, with real-life solutions that our partners and customers are developing all over the world, transforming the world in which we live for the better and creating new business models.

Our website also remains the access point to our platform, the LORIOT Network Server. From here you can register a new community account on our public infrastructure or access your dashboard and manage your LoRaWAN networks.

However, when we redesigned our homepage, we weren't just thinking of a showroom, or a product catalogue and sales channel. This site is also a formidable communication channel for us.
From Resources you can access:

We hope, and personally I am sure that, you will continue to support us throughout this new editorial adventure.

Enjoy browsing!

Dario Maccarrone

Dario Macarrone
Head of Marketing & Communications