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The 6th Censis Tech Summit

The IoT Solutions World Congress. The annual meeting for the IoT industry.

One of major events in the IoT space. The world's leading IoT players gather in Barcelona.

We recently attended the IoT Solutions World Congress 2019, hosted in the renowned city of Barcelona.

It’s a massive event where manufacturers, service providers, network operators, government agencies and municipalities come together to present their IoT products, solutions and newest projects. All of this displayed over three days in Barcelona’s famous Fira de Barcelona halls.

One of the IoT Solutions World Congress’s most attractive points is the variety in concepts and technologies represented. The ingenuity and diverse ideas at display here are truly inspiring.
Not only can different approaches be discovered but even competing technologies like LoRaWAN, NB-IoT and Sigfox are present right next to each other – metaphorically speaking – allowing for an easy and direct comparison.

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As is common in congresses of this calibre, most of the time is spent walking from booth to booth, making new connections and exchanging questions and ideas with the exhibitors.

One of the exhibitors that caught our attention was clearly FIWARE’s multiple booths. The FIWARE Foundation’s open-source Smart City Platform was beautifully explained on their many walls; and if that wasn’t understandable enough, a big, functional Lego-based Smart City model made showed the multitude of verticals supported by FIWARE’s platform in a way that even a child could understand.

The biggest personal highlight was however visiting our partners’ booths and seeing their projects in full display.

Among them, I was glad to see T-Systems expanding further their own IoT-ecosystem with a wider variety of verticals and partners.

Our partner Libelium’s booth was also great as usual. Highlighting their very interesting solutions ranging from Smart Parking to Water Quality Monitoring to AgriTech and many other applications.

Even though booth was constantly teeming with inquiring groups of people and interested parties, we still managed to get a nice and friendly talk and also show us the new Smart Parking platform that developed by their partner TAP Consultoría and uses LORIOT LoRaWAN Network Server to handle the LoRaWAN® traffic, gateways and devices.

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Best of all, these are just a few of many solutions. If the IoT Solutions World Congress made one thing clear it’s that the Internet of Things is growing like never before and LoRaWAN is leading the way.

Rafel Domenech

Rafel Domenech
Technical Project Manager