Loriot Network Server 4.0

Release notes 3rd of December, 2018

Welcome to version 4.0, a major server update, with new features and performance upgrades on both the back-end and the front-end. The majority of updates are behind the scenes, as preparation for major changes with the upcoming releases to follow.

Version 4.0 sees the release of our new user interface which will be standard across all servers and the opening up of key features such as message downlink for all users. The updated next generation Multicast is also now available!

New Administrator tools and features are now available for private server users to support building networks at scale and managing accounts, applications and networks.

Network Server 4.0

  • General

    • New User Interface
    • New Administrator Interface
    • Unlocked all features for Free Community Accounts including:
      • Downlink to devices
      • Application and Gateway Logs
      • Increased Data Verbosity>/li>
    • Advanced Multitenancy
    • New User Management>/li>
    • New Account Roles and Permissions
    • Network and Application visibility
  • Gateways

    • New Gateways supported
      • IMST
      • Option CloudGate
      • Miromico PicoGateway
    • Gateway Network Transfer
    • Gateway Alerts Log
    • Reverse SSH Tunneling
  • Applications

    • Next Generation Multicast
    • Multiple Simulateneous Application Outputs
    • New Network Ranger WebSocket Application
      • ChipCAD
      • Zane GPS
      • Adeunis Field Tracker
    • Device Map Location
    • Device MAC Command Log

We are very excited to bring you version 4.0 and we look forward to continuing to deliver further updates, improvements and new features!

Inquires about the changes

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